Area resident ready for Radical Body Transformation

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fitnessby Sylene Argent

Everyone has a story to tell, and sometimes-at the right time, an opportunity presents itself to allow some of those stories to be told.

When Essex area resident Anne Campeau made the commitment to get healthy, she didn’t expect her story would be part of new show that will document the lifestyle changes of around 50 people who want to make a major change to their physical appearance. But when the opportunity presented itself, she stepped up to the challenge.

Campeau met with the crew of Radical Body Transformation on Monday morning at Onyx Fitness Solutions to begin filming her weight loss journey. She had been a member of Onyx since it first opened its doors in the fall of 2014. At that time, she had made the decision to get healthy and has since been working with owners Ken and Kim Dennison, who have provided her with workout and nutritional direction.

Campeau read about the new show online and was quick to email one of the producers to see is she could get in on the challenge. She was asked about her background and why she wanted to get involved. And her response was that she wanted to get into better shape.

Soon after, she was given the nod to join the show as a participant, and began training with the Dennisons on December 1.

Campeau works as a police dispatcher. The shift work, she found, made it hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Then, in 2008, both of her parents passed away within a few weeks of each other, and those life events, she admitted, triggered some depression. This resulted in horrendous eating habits, she said.

After her parents had passed, Campeau said she had gained around 70 pounds. The weight gain had brought some health complications for her, including type 2 diabetes. Since beginning the training for the show, she has lost around 30 pounds.

“It is about being accountable to yourself,” she said. She is now working out at the gym five times a week. With Onyx Fitness Solutions being open 24/7 Campeau finds it convenient that she can come in and work off some of the stress a tough shift at the job can bring.

Sometimes people may not realize what has gone on in their lives that may trigger unhealthy habits. For her, it was about recognizing what those triggers were, and taking back that control.

“There is no shame in reaching out for help,” she said.

Campeau wanted to be accountable to her wife, Nikki, and to her friends and family. At 48-years old, Campeau doesn’t want to suffer through a heart attack or stroke when there are measures she can take that can help her get healthy and prevent certain health risks.

Nikki is proud of Campeau’s progress. She thinks it is very important that everyone takes a little time out of each day to put his/her own personal needs first.

Murray Urquhart is producing Radical Body Transformation. The idea for the show sprang out of a conversation with James Hergott, who was the Business Producer for the documentary Generation Iron.

Filming for Radical Body Transformation began on December 1. It is being filmed in different locations throughout Canada and the USA. Some of the people interviewed for the show are those trying to get into shape. Others are trying to transform their bodies for amateur or professional bodybuilding competitions.

Urquhart wants Radical Body Transformation to be an inspiration to its viewers. It is hoped the show will be aired in September online on the Generation Iron Fitness Network website.

Kim commented Campeau’s involvement in filming her story and progress with Radical Body Transformation is a great motivational tool for others. The gym has its own three-month challenge going on right now where 20 members are checking in with the Dennisons on a weekly basis as they strive to reach their own goals. It’s encouraging for people to witness those striving toward a healthy goal be successful, she added.