St. Pierre cabin won’t be moved

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by Fred Groves

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

That is the attitude the representatives of the Maidstone Bicentennial Museum are taking after making the decision not to relocate the historic St. Pierre cabin.

Back in late August, nearly 50 people, many of them decedents of the family, met with the intent of raising $45,000 to help move the cabin from its current location on the West Belle River Road.

“The project is done. There wasn’t enough community support,” Museum Curator Victoria Beaulieu said.

She noted that they had managed to come up with $13,000. That, and the fact that any grant from the Trillium Foundation is highly unlikely in the near future, means that the cabin’s fate is probably not good.

“It will be up to the person who owns the building now. I imagine it will be torn down,” she said.

Beaulieu said that she was a little surprised that more interest was not generated, however, the local historical society does have other projects in the works, including taking part in events for Canada’s 150th.

The cabin was built in the 1860s and has been vacant since 2005.

While the price to move the cabin the approximately 10 kilometres to the museum was around $45,000, it was estimated to get it operational and restored would have cost nearly $200,000.

“If it was a blow to the community and to the family, I think more would have gotten behind it. I talked to a lot of people and they weren’t interested,” Beaulieu said.

She also said that the historical group had put some funds towards the project, but without solid backing, the project was not feasible.

“If you don’t have community support, it’s not sustainable and you can’t take a chance on it.”