EPS students enjoy annual Winter Carnival 

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EPS-Carnival1 EPS-Carnival4 by Sylene Argent

Before officially kicking off March Break, the students at Essex Public School enjoyed spending a portion of their Friday participating in the annual Winter Carnival, an event that celebration French language and culture.

The event kicked off on Friday morning with a school-wide assembly. Around a dozen grade six students performed a French song and dance before the entire school body to help get their schoolmates into the spirit of the event. This group of students bravely volunteered to perform.

EPS-Carnival2The grade eight students took on the leadership role of hosting the nine stations set up during the Winter Carnival. Each station offered something different for the students to enjoy. The around 500 students were split into 18 teams, which the grade seven students lead. The teams rotated through the fun stations available, which included a hot chocolate café, a game of floor hockey, and an obstacle course.

Even though the students were thrilled to spend a large portion of their day before beginning March Break away from their desks, they also looked forward to participating in the annual Winter Carnival to celebrate what they have learned in their French classes.

Though the event is fun in nature, it also offers the students a unique chance to learn.EPS-Carnival3