Gosfield students raise over $3000 for Ronald McDonald House

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GosfieldNorthSchoolby Sylene Argent

The spirit of generosity amongst the students at Gosfield North Public School was obvious over the past few weeks. Students, with guidance of grade seven leadership students Sabrina Dyck and Madelyn Butcher, collectively raised around $3000 for the Ronald McDonald House in London.

The funds were originally supposed to be forwarded to Hospice, but students decided on the Ronald McDonald House in London as a fellow student is currently utilizing this amenity. The students thought forwarding the funds to the Ronald McDonald House would show their schoolmate support while undergoing some medical treatment.

Dyck and Butcher were impressed at the amount they were able to raise. They knew their school peers would be generous, but had no idea they would be able to collect such a high amount. In order to collect money for the fundraiser, the two students placed coin jars in each class and asked students to donate.

They offered a pizza party for the class that donated the most and a free gym period to the class that came in second.

The leadership students visited each class to encourage students to donate what they could every day of the fundraiser and collected the donations at the end of each school day. Last Friday, the last day of school before the beginning of March break, was the final day of the school-wide fundraiser.

The leadership students suspect more funds will trickle in as they continue to tally the final result.
“We were really surprised, “Dyck said of the student support. “We collected $1100 in one day.”

For Dyck, who said she has had to use the Ronald McDonald House services in the past, collecting the funds was not only to show support for a peer, but was also spurred through a personal passion.

Butcher felt passionate about the project as well, adding, “I feel like I’m contributing to something outside of school that is changing the lives of other people.”