Iler Lodge residents enjoy the sweet sounds of strings

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_concert-at-iler-2 by Sylene Argent

Four musicians of the Conservatory of Music of Celaya, of Mexico, put on a performance that feature a wide-range of live music last Friday afternoon for the retirement residents of Iler Lodge.

Residents where enthralled with the sounds as they tapped their toes to the string quartet’s music during the one hour performance.

Alberto Bernal Acero, Consul De Mexico-based in Leamington, noted the Iler Lodge performance was only one event in the region that featured the talented quartet last week. The four musicians were headline performers at several gigs, some of which took place at Devonshire Mall, the Capitol Theatre in Windsor, the Leamington Arts Centre, and Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens.

Berna Acero explained the Consul De Mexico was developed as a means of connection to Mexican migrant workers, but it also has a mandate to promote Mexico locally in a variety of ways. Hosting the concerts last week was one avenue to do just that through the promotion of Mexican music and musicianship. His office invited the quartet to the area for the concert tour.

_concert-at-iler-1He said the musicians had experience a warm reception from their appreciative listening audiences during their regional tour. The involved musicians are all students of the Conservatory at different levels, he added. They perform in Mexico and all over the world.

“We are very pleased with it,” Berna Acero said of the tour outcome.

He noted that the Consul De Mexico will look to host different events in the future, and invites the community to participate.

As a show of gratification, representatives of Iler Lodge presented the musicians with bouquets of flowers before they departed for their next scheduled event.