Voice of Experience – Mail boxes

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by Evelyn Couch

Again, I have to say the only way this is my experience is because the idea was sent to me.  Along with that, it was a series of pictures of innovative ideas for mail boxes. It is too bad I cannot send the pictures for you to see so I will have to describe them.

The only other thing about experience is that, right now, I cannot find the notes I wrote to describe them. It seems that I am always hunting for something. Okay, here they are:

The first one is held between large fingers as if it were a cigarette. The next one stated US Mail, but this box is unknown to me. One had added decorations so the box appeared to be a flamingo with a nest and plastic eggs below.

Another idea was the mail box was designed to look like a microwave oven and it was label Hot Mail. A very unusual one was a toilet bowl beside the regular mail box with a box stuck in the toilet bowl that was designated as junk mail. There was one shaped as a giant gun. One box was shaped like a boat engine.

A clever idea was a box about five feet above the mail box that was labeled for bills.  Three construction bricks were used as the base of one with all of that on a chair.
I wonder how much time each owner spent trying to have a unique mail box.