Let’s Talk About – Footprints on environment

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by Evelyn Couch

We are asked to care about the footprints we make on the environment. That makes good sense since we are stewards of our land, however, it is not easy.

When my driveway needed repairs, I thought I should have gravel or crushed stone to allow water absorption in favour of asphalt that would cause flooding. What I did not realize at the time was the amount of grass and weeds that would grow through the small stone. Now I have to use something to kill those weeds. So, I am adding harmful chemicals to the rainwater as it runs off. The first weed killer I used did not work well, and I have to spray the driveway again. More pollution.

We are asked to recycle plastic containers and bottles, but they need to be rinsed first. That means the water purification system at Ruthven has to be used and that causes more strain on the process there.
Does using it to rinse the recycled materials cause more pollution?

The late Delmer Bridgen, when he was a politician, commented we do not own the land, but as stewards of it, we must take care of it before we pass it on to the next generation.

Many years ago, when I chided a grandchild for careless use of an environmental situation, she laughed at me. I told her then she was the one who would have to deal with the consequences because I would not be around. Surprise to both of us, I am still here for a little while longer, but she has years ahead.