Voice of Experience – Mind and body connection

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by Evelyn Couch

Again, this is not so much my experience as is receiving the idea from someone else.

It concerns how women have better relationships with other women because they talk more freely about their feelings. They nurture their relationships with other women and thus provide support systems.

Men are more inclined to form their friends by talking about activities such as golfing, their sports, or tell jokes, but rarely they talk about how they feel. Some like to discuss politics and criticize the politicians, rather than how their personal lives are going.

We all have a tendency to think that when we exercise we are doing something good for our health, but with friends we are wasting time that should be used more productively.

A failure to maintain good personal relationships could be harmful.

So, now we can think spending time with our friends can be as important for our health as going to the gym!