EPS grade eight students graduate

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by Sylene Argent

Graduation day was an event all of the grade eight students at Essex Public School (EPS) were thrilled to enjoy on the evening of Tuesday, June 27.

Throughout those school years, the students formed friendships, learned a lot in the classroom, and learned a lot about themselves through discovering their own hidden talents, whether that was in a certain academic subject or through sports or music.

For the EPS graduating students, there were plenty of ups and downs over the years. There were times they exceeded their own expectations, and times when they had to try again at achieving those desired goals.

Graduating is bitter-sweet. The students had to say goodbye to the teachers who have guided them through their education at EPS, and say goodbye to some friendships, too. But, they will move on to high school where they will meet new friends, experience new freedoms, and will grow as individuals.

EPS grads Hope and Heather sent the students off to high school on the right foot as the class valedictorians. The duo shared what it was like to be a part of the EPS family over the years, and provided positive encourage for their fellow classmates in moving forward.

Several awards were presented to deserving students during the ceremony in a variety of categories.

Some of the students were recognized for their academic prowess, athletic abilities, or musical skills.

Some of the students were also recognized for qualities they possess, such as leadership and compassion.