Councillor Caixeiro hands in resignation

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by Sylene Argent

Essex Councillor Bill Caixeiro, who was one of two Colchester reps at the municipal decision-making table, suddenly handed in his resignation to the Town via a letter that was dated for the July 4 meeting.

Essex Mayor Ron McDermott made the official announcement at the Essex Council meeting hosted inside the Council Chambers at the Essex Civic Centre last Tuesday evening.

He noted Caixeiro had notified the Town he must resign from Council for personal reasons.

“I believe I speak for all of Council when I say how deeply saddened we are by this news,” McDermott said. He requested that the former Councillor and his family be left alone for a few weeks.

McDermott described Caixeiro as having a warm and generous personality, and as a hard-working Councillor, who participated with enthusiasm. He was the Chairperson of the Essex Police Services Board and the Personnel Committee. He was Vice-Chairperson of the Harbour Steering Committee and the Finance Committee. He was also a member of the ACT and Communities in Bloom Committees.

According to the Town, Caixeiro served during the 2003-2006 term and returned to office for a second term in 2014.
The Mayor wished Caixeiro the very best.

To deal with the vacancy at the decision-making table, Council declared there was a vacant seat. At the July 17 meeting, the remaining Council members will have to decide if the seat would be filled via by-election or through appointment.

John Scott, a former Essex Councillor, elected for the 2010-2014 term, came in third place during the 2014 election, just seven votes behind Caixeiro. He no longer resides in Colchester.  Former Councillor Paul Innes came in fourth place and candidate Brenda Dunn came in fifth.

Essex’s Clerk Robert Auger explained the Town has 60 days to pass a bylaw to appoint an eligible person or declare a by-election to be held. He suggested the decision be made at the July 17 meeting. He suspected if a by-election was held, a new Councillor would be put in place by mid-October.

The next Municipal election will take place in the fall of 2018.