Howling at the Moon – Time flies

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We have passed the halfway mark of summer. Already! Time sure does have a way of getting away from us, doesn’t it?

I remember adults telling me when I was a grade school student time tends to pass more quickly the older you get. Then, to my youthful outlook, it felt as though it took forever to pass the finishing line of the school year.

Now, it seems the weeks pass in the blink of an eye and that I need eight days in a week to complete everything I set out to accomplish.

It is so often said that we need to spend our time wisely and cherish the moments spent with loved ones as we do not know how many more opportunities there will be to do so.

Life has a way of intervening with our plans, sometimes. We may all have the intention of doing something great with our lives, but we sometimes put those desires on the backburner, thinking we have tomorrow. But, when we get busy, tomorrow may never quite become today as responsibilities take ownership of our time.

Some of us also become complacent with the status quo because if things get too good, they can take a turn for the worse, too. It is sometimes just easier to tow the line of comfort. Breaking out of our comfort zone, however, can really help us get to know ourselves on a whole different level.

I have had to attend a few funerals over the past year. They all seem to pass along the message of the importance of living life to the fullest. For me, that always hits home. My 33rd birthday is right around the corner and there are still plenty of things I want to check off my to-do list. Hearing that reminder always motivates me to re-evaluate how it is I tend to spend my time.

A few years back, I made a decision to start looking into what it was I wanted to do with my time and pursue those wants and needs. Giving yourself permission to go after those things is not always easy. It is much easier to extend a hand to help someone else than it is to go out of your own way to do something that isn’t “necessary” for yourself. But, I discovered finding a way to incorporate those “unnecessary things” into my own schedule allowed me to start putting more value on the “me time” I had no room for in the schedule before. That “me time” helped rejuvenate me, giving me more energy for those responsibilities I had to get done.

Those things could have been as easy as getting my hair done or getting a pedicure. They were baby steps to making changes with how I operated my my-to-day, allowing some comfort in taking time to do those things I wanted to do now instead of being OK with putting it off again for another day. Though there are sometimes roadblocks set up between those big things we want to do and ability to do them, taking those baby steps taught me to break down those future goals and look at how I can start planning to achieve those big things down the road.

Little changes in mindset can sure help us weave through the detours life can throw at us, and hopefully allow us to achieve those things we desire to do. As far as we all know, we have one life to live, so we need to ensure we live it and enjoy that time with those who are important to us, while taking time to really get to discover ourselves.