Let’s Talk About – Meat Market history

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by Evelyn Couch

Have you ever heard about the Essex meat market over past years?

It was opened in 1912 when C.W. Roberts began selling fresh meat with the slogan “Home Fresh Meat.” His beef was raised by area producers and cattle were slaughtered in the field when he needed some. Sides of meat were hung in the store window beside New-York dressed chicken (plucked but the insides not drawn and the head and feet intact).

There was no refrigeration during the first 20 years of his business. Because customers handled the meat as it lay on the open counter, Roberts hired the town blacksmith to build a glass top for his counter.

Doors were open at 7 a.m. and often were open until 10 p.m. On weekends, it might be midnight before the shop was closed.

A horse was hitched to a cart in the early morning for door-to-door delivery. As the cart moved along the street, orders were taken for delivery later in the day. During the afternoon, he made luncheon meats.

Herman and Gerald Schinkel bought Roberts shop in 1962.