Voice of Experience – Holidays ending

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by Evelyn Couch

It was no different when I was a child than when I was a parent. I hated all the newspaper hype about buying clothes and getting ready for the return to school.

Yes, part of it was I saw no need for all the suggested new clothes. The ones they had were fine in my eyes. And, they didn’t like the suggested shopping either.

Most of all, I enjoyed having my children home and taking them wherever I went, such as berry picking. I am not certain that they enjoyed that, but they did enjoy eating the fruits of their labours.

My dismay was mainly over having to live with deadlines and the routine again of having the children ready for that school bus.

In my childhood days, it was simply a case of leaving an hour before the school bell rang so I could walk the two miles and arrive on time without hurrying. Sometimes I stopped and talked to homeowners along the way.

And since I did not like my teacher, I did not like to think about half of the summer holidays being over.