Kingsville Historical Park Museum moving forward after attempted break and enter

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Kingsville-Museumby Sylene Argent

At around 9 a.m. on August 22, staff and volunteers at the Kingsville Historical Park Museum noticed someone, or a few individuals, had attempted to break and enter into an outdoor building used to build displays and store office supplies for the Cadet Core the night before,

Kevin Fox, Curator of the Kingsville Historical Park Museum, said.

Fox said there was no sign the party gained entry into that building, but it appeared a steal bar was used to create several impacts. He believes the party was stopped mid-break in attempt, possibly when a neighbour turned on a light.

He said neighbours did not hear anything.

Volunteers, he said, are looking at how to improve security.

“We want to reassure the public and those who donated, everything is safe and secure,” Fox said, adding the Museum will not stand by and be idol in the wake of this occurrence.

He said there is an on-going investigation. He hopes anyone with any information would contact the OPP.

“Our spirits are not broken,” Fox said of the volunteers, many of whom have been dedicated to the museum for over twenty years. “The volunteers have been here through thick and thin. They will stand by us.”

The recent attempted break and enter did remind those associated with the Museum of the devastating 1996 break in that caused much more damage and broke the heart of one of the founders, Charlie Campbell.

Two weeks after the 1996 break in, Campbell passed away. He was a Tail Gunner with the RCAF during WW2. His father opened a Museum at Niagara Falls, so Fox believes that is why opening the Kingsville Museum was so important to Campbell.

“A robbery can have a great affect,” he said.

Despite the heavy feeling of sadness that comes with such an occurrence, the Museum volunteers are focusing on the positive, and so are members of the community as Fox said a few donations have been forwarded to help the museum repair the damage.

Volunteers with the Museum and Fox, an employee, are also looking forward to September when the 30th anniversary of the Museum will be celebrated.

“Even though this dark spot existed, we are looking forward to that celebration.” He urges community members to keep checking the Museum’s Facebook page for more information.

Volunteers are always welcome  at the Museum, he added.

“The community built this Museum and it’s the community that will carry it into the next 30 years,” he said.