Howling at the Moon – Music for the soul

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by Sylene Argent

Most individuals who know me, know I love music; specifically, rock. But, I also have appreciation for the time and effort musicians put into learning their craft, no matter what genre in which they choose to play.

It was nice to attend all of the Tune up the Parks music series events on Wednesday evenings here in Essex Centre. No matter what genre was played, all of the acts sounded great and it gave me a sense of pride to know they all reside within our region.

It is said music is food for the soul. Songs are often written to provoke an emotion, and I have used what type of music to which an individual listens, to get a sense of their character when meeting someone new. Depending on personality, a certain type of personality will often gravitate to a similar genre.

In addition to getting to the Heritage Gardens Park on a weekly basis this summer, I also had the opportunity to attend a good handful of rock concerts, all of which were a lot of fun and worth attending.

But, I would have to say, the most musically inspirational moments of my summer were when I was out and about to cover certain community events that required being kick-off with the National Anthem. There were a few occasions when our local youth not only sang along, but belted out the words with strength and enthusiasm. And, I was taken back. It was amazing!

I’m not sure if this is a new trend, or if our youth have always done that and I never noticed. Either way, kudos to them for showing such leadership and patriotism in doing so.

I used to belt out the National Anthem in my early years. When I was in the kindergarten and primary grades in elementary school, I’d sing it as loud as I could every morning. I loved signing and showing some Canadian pride. Knowing that, I also joined the choir at that age, too.

I must have been decent because I had teachers approach me to encourage me to continue doing just that and say they anticipated having me in their class in the future, but schoolmates gave me a hard time and eventually I stopped singing it. I wish I hadn’t. But, it was a lesson to me to understand it is important to do what feels right, not what others expect of you, whether that it for negative or positive reasons.

It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there, so I am always pleased to take the pictures at Tune up the Parks and hope each of the performers enjoyed their gigs here in Essex.