Let’s Talk About – Museum break in

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by Evelyn Couch

If any of you have visited the Kingsville Historical Park Museum I am sure you are disturbed by the attempted break-in there. I have been there and found it was very well laid out in addition to having had many items of war stories and an exceptional amount of memorabilia.

I had permission from the museum and from Mrs. Clare to read and use material Dr. Wes Clare had written about experience as a Prisoner of War. You can read about it in the book, “They Will Never Forget” that I wrote about local veterans and their war experiences.

It is sad the vandals tried to break in a few days after the museum was profiled in the media. As the curator told the newspaper reporter, it is incredibly disrespectful.

They were making plans to honour Dieppe Raid veterans from the Essex Scottish regiment.

It is odd to me that no one heard the noise when the vandals were smashing the property in the attempted break-in.