Let’s Talk About – Progress in Essex continued

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by Evelyn Couch

The following is the continuation of last week’s ‘Progress in Essex’

The racetrack was removed and the area was developed for recreational grounds.

Two sewage lagoons were established. The first apartment house was built in 1963. By the mid-seventies a high-rise apartment was built on Alice Street. Before the new Talbot Street was laid in 1975, a new watermain was laid. The new County Civic and Education Centre made the town the focal-point of the County. New houses were built in two subdivisions. A housing co-op offered 60 single family houses.

The first senior citizen apartments were opened in 1971. A small section of Colchester township was annexed in 1973 and the Civic and Education was built there as well as the mobile home park known as Viscount Estates.

During heavy rainfall, a floodgate was devised to allow excess water to flow to the drainage ditches.

Two service clubs were organized in 1977. A community services program was organized in 1975. Community Information was opened the same year. A bus service was provided for seniors and the disabled so they could shop downtown.  A public works garage was built for town vehicles. The first home mail delivery started in 1977. Installation of water meters was in 1978.