Voice of Experience – Muddy times

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by Evelyn Couch

This is really my experience as the mother of young children. I was in the basement of our Woodstock home when I heard tiny fists banging on the door. It was the elder one of the two telling me that Eddie was stuck in muck.

He was in the neighbour’s freshly plowed garden plot. I hastened to get him out, but he came out of his little rubber boots. So, I grabbed the boots and hurried home with him.

The next episode involved the same child and the same one slid into it. I had to carry home the slime-covered, crying child. I stripped him as soon as I got to the back door.

His next caper was after I called him to practise his music lesson. I knew he played in the mud puddles, but thought he would wash off his feet. Instead he crawled onto the piano bench and wrecked the finish. So much for his antics. I’ll tell you more next week.