Howling at the Moon – Nobody said it would be easy

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by Sylene Argent

When I was in my younger years as an elementary school student, my class read the novel “Nobody said it Would be Easy” at one point.
I do not remember the premise of the book at all, but over the years, I have found myself referencing the title often.

The book’s title popped into my head on Tuesday evening, when we the Integrity Commissioner came down after receiving complaints against Councillor Voakes from the other Council reps.

As everything unfolded, all I could think was, “Nobody Said it Would be Easy.”

And it isn’t.

Being a representative, or working in the public eye, is no easy task. Everyone has their own style to handle things, and issues will not always be easy to handle. I’m sure those who throw their name into the hat as a candidate to be a representative at any level realize this, but

I’m sure it is more cumbersome at some points than they could have imagined.

And, on top of that, not every group member will agree on every issue, and thank goodness for that. We often get our best results when we listen to one another and collaborate with our ideas, I always say.

I’m not sure anyone got out of that display what they were hoping for. I’m not sure the Integrity Commissioner’s report will make a positive impact in the long run. But, it is difficult to judge how a scenario will play out for something I call the “human variable.”

The “human variable,” to me means ‘results will vary.’ It’s like if you bought a product to make some kind of physical improvement to your body, the manufacturer cannot guarantee the results will be the same for everyone.

When you make a concoction to combine any strong emotions, and you further add several people to the mix, you can never really know what the results will be. We can speculate and aim for a target, but the human variable could be the wind that knocks that figurative arrow from its intended destination.

Yes, there has been some drama at the decision-making table. The good news is, though, despite that, we still work, play, and live in a great little town, which is slowly improving; look at the changes to our downtown corridor over the past few years. Change takes time, and we are getting there.

No matter the outcome, if any or all of our decision-makers are happy with the result of that meeting, they need to let bygones be bygones. Another piece of good news is that there is still just over a year left of this term of Council, and there is plenty of good that can still be done in that time. They just need to regroup and focus on the tasks ahead.