Letter to the Editor

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I would like to thank all the people who emailed, texted, commented online, called, or stopped into one of my stores to express their support after what happened on social media after last Tuesday’s Town Council meeting.

The boycott that was called upon my stores was daunting and could have been devastating, however, the outpouring of kindness from friends, customers, and complete strangers prevailed and I am left overwhelmed.

I am a firm believer in our Town and have worked hard at trying make Essex Centre a better place for all of us who live and work here, as well as those who come to visit. I was elected as the volunteer Chairperson of the Essex Centre BIA almost three years ago. It is not a glamorous position, but I believe we all should “do” something constructive to better our community, and this is what I “do!”

As a small business owner dealing with the everyday struggles, I try my best to give the highest quality service possible. If I cannot help a customer with what she needs, I will always recommend another store in town by name. In turn, this practice has been reciprocated. It is good business for all of us.

As a town, I feel we all need to work together and promote a positive atmosphere to help bring, and keep, people in Essex Centre. As for me, I am happy to continue to do my part!

Mary-Anne Bjorkman
Essex Centre BIA, Chairperson