Essex Council Notes for Tuesday, September 5

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by Sylene Argent

Filming in Harrow

Nicholas Shields, a co-owner of Windsor film production company “Suede Productions Inc,” approached Council to note during September, the company will produce a 1970s crime film at various locations throughout Windsor and Essex County.

He was interested in locations that will pass for that era. One of the locations he would like to film at is the section of Victoria Street (between King Street and Maple Street) in Harrow for Thursday, September 21, between the hours of 6 p.m. and 2 a.m. He said they would not need to close off any portions of Maple or King streets, only the section of Victoria between them.

He said he had insurance and knew the company would man the barricades.

Council supported the request.


Revision to Miscellaneous Fees and Charges

Council was to received the report “Revision to Miscellaneous Fees and Charges” and revise the bylaw to establish a schedule of miscellaneous fees and charges, effective September 6. This would eliminate the fee for tax receipt, account information, or duplicate reprints up to two times per year for customers whose tax bills are paid directly through their mortgage company.

The report to Council notes that under the current bylaw, the Town charges residents $10.20 for each printed or e-mailed copy of the aforementioned documents. Upon review, it has been identified that for customers who have authorized their mortgage company to pay their taxes, they do not receive a tax bill until after the payment has been received to act as their receipt of payment.

Councillor Sherry Bondy thanked staff for the timeliness of the report as the issue came up to her through a resident during the summer.


CWATS at County Road 50

Through a report to Council, Essex’s Policy Planner Jeff Watson suggested an application be made to the County of Essex for CWATS 2018 partnership funding for the continuation of 1.5 meter-wide paved shoulders along County Road 50. This would be from the entrance to Ravine Cottages to the entrance of Oxley Beach Golf Course, a distance of 1.2 Kilometers.

He noted this would likely cost the Town $270,000 plus contingencies, which is 60 percent of the total estimated cost of $450,000.
Under the CWATS funding agreement, the municipality assumes 60 percent of the cost with the County covering the balance, the report notes.

Watson said the numerical figure is based on estimates made from preliminary field surveys and of the road. Final figures would have to come from the County.

Instead of “contingencies,” Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche suggested to use 5 percent instead. If it is more than that, it would come back to Council.

Watson said it is difficult to go west with the paved shoulders as there are issues with shallow boulevards and ditches that are not as common when headed east. There are plans to go west in the future.

The proposed works have been incorporated into the adopted 5-year capital forecast, which includes $400,000 in trail and sidewalk funding in 2018.

Motion carried.


Applying for 2018 CWATS funding

Essex Council further moved to make an application to the County of Essex for CWATS 2018 Municipal Partnership Funding for $9,500.00.
This would be a 50 percent cost-sharing of placing nine benches and two route map signs on CWATS trails in Essex Centre and Harrow.

In addition, Council also moved to make an application to the County of Essex for CWATS Municipal Partnership Funding for $575.00. This would be a 50 percent cost-sharing of holding two bike rodeos at two events in the Town in 2018.


Meeting with Ministers at AMO

Acting CAO Donna Hunter gave a verbal report on meeting with Ministers at the recent Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference.
She said staff met with four ministers while at the conference, including the Ministry of the Attorney General’s office about the length of time it takes to obtain orders that approve set fine schedules, which average 7-10 weeks. She said his assistants took several notes on the issue.

In meeting with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Hunter said two issues were discussed, the cost of the enhanced contract sergeant for OPP, which costs the Town $185,000 per year. The response received was that this position is an addition to what is required to meet police adequacy and effectiveness standards. That is why it is considered an “enhancement.”

The second issue talked about included amendments to the SPCA Act in regards to tethering and defining mental distress in preventive care for animals while they are being sheltered.

They met with the Minister of Tourism, Culture, and Sport, looking for funding for recreational lands. It was suggested the Town consider phasing in the project and apply for a Trillium grant.

With the Minister of Education, Town staff discussed potentially purchasing Harrow High School. It was suggested to apply for a Community Hub program.

Council received the report.


New BIA rep

Council approved appointing Liz Engert to the Essex Centre BIA Board.


Bjorkman offers to sit on ACT Committee

Council appointed Councillor Steve Bjorkman to the Arts, Culture, Tourism (ACT) Committee. He expressed interested in serving on this committee. He will fill a vacancy left when former Councillor Bill Caixeiro resigned in July.


Update on Lionel Sanders sign

In regards to the gateway signs for Harrow athlete Lionel Sanders, a few designs have been forwarded to an artist. The signs will recognize Sanders as a world-class triathlete, Director of Community Services Doug Sweet said.