Continued Council Notes for September 18

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by Sylene Argent

Agreement with Animal Control Officers

Essex Council received the report “Agreement with Animal Control Officers.” It also moved the recommendation that the agreement with Essex County K9 Services for Animal Control Services be extended for a one-year period, from September 15, 2017 to September 14, 2018. Further, the annual retainer for the extended contract was to be based on the current retainer of $23270.00 per year, excluding HST, plus an adjustment for the change in the Total Consumer Price Index for September 2017.


Memorial Tree and Bench Program

Council received the report “Town of Essex Memorial Tree and Bench Program” for information.

The Memorial Tree and Bench Program encourages people to celebrate a loved one’s life or special occasion through purchasing a tree or bench at a town park or facility with an engraved plaque.
Tourism marketing update

The report “Tourism Marketing Update” was received and Council further supported an application to the Rural Economic Development (RED) Fund for matching tourism marketing funds in 2018.

The report notes Council has already approved $25,000 for 2018 tourism promotions. If successful in obtaining the RED Grant application, the Town could garner an additional $25,000.


Town staff member recognized

Acting Director of Finance and Business Services, Jeffrey Morrison, was recognized for having successfully obtained a Certificate in Human Resources for CPAs through the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario and the Human Resources Professionals Association.


Bondy wants landfill updates

Councillor Sherry Bondy asked for an update on how flooding is impacting the life-span of the landfill. She would also like an update on auto-shredder fluff.


Changes to BIA Board

Council received correspondence that Suzanne Allison will no longer be on the Essex Centre BIA Board of Management. It also appointed Shelly Anne Hodare, Program Supervisor at the Employment Assessment Centre, to the Essex Centre BIA Board as she expressed interest in joining.


Council supports zero tolerance for racism

The Town of Halton Hills sent correspondence noting it supports zero tolerance for racism of any kind, “including nazi’ism and white supremacy.” Further, it noted the Town of Halton Hills encourages all Ontario Municipalities to pass a resolution to support zero tolerance against racism and condemn all racism acts of violence.

This was in reaction to the August incident in Charlottesville, Virginia, it noted.

Essex Mayor Ron McDermott made a motion to receive it. He said he does not tolerate it, but believes it does not go on here or most of the world. His motion was defeated.

Councillor Sherry Bondy said in receiving it, Council is not supporting what Halton Hills is doing. She believes Essex should join other municipalities to condemn hatred and racism. She put a motion forward, which Council moved, that the correspondence be received and supported and that Essex Council encourages all Ontario Municipalities to pass a resolution to condemn all acts of racism.

In a recoded vote, all members of Council supported the motion.


Report to look at Hwy#3 property

At the September 5 Essex Council meeting, Councillor Randy Voakes’s Notice of Motion was postpone. The Motion would have Administration prepare a report on the vacant property at Highway 3 and County Road 8 and its development plan or status. It was further discussed at the September 18 meeting. It was up for discussion or possible consideration, it was noted.

Voakes said a lot of money has been lost in tax revenue there. He said many years ago there was an opportunity to develop that land, just on homeownership, the project called for 458 homes. He said Council was asked for assistance on the project. Just on home tax recovery, he claims the Town turned away up to millions of dollars.

Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche called a Point of Order as he said the issue was not asking what Council did or didn’t do. Voakes, he said, was giving information on something that was his opinion on what happened. The business of that night was what was wanted in a report from Administration.

Voakes said he wants the report to consider waiving development charges as the return would be better if it was developed. He wanted the report to show the lost taxable revenue over the past ten years as opposed to waiving development charges and the length of time of recovery of that.

Councillor Steve Bjorkman seconded Voakes’s amendment as he believed it was just building a case to possibly waive fees. Bondy did not want to second the amendments.

In a recorded vote, only Mayor Ron McDermott was opposed.


Voakes’s suspended remuneration put to Notice of Motion

Through a Notice of Motion, Councillor Randy Voakes asked that the two months of suspended remuneration, as a result of the recommendation Council supported from the Integrity Commissioner, be donated by the Town to the Arthritis Society. This will be discussed at the next meeting.


Notice of Motion for Ward 4 Development Fees

Councillor Larry Snively put a Notice of Motion forward that would have administration prepare a report regarding no development fees for Ward 4. This will be discussed at the next meeting.


Notice of Motion for a four-way stop

Councillor Larry Snively put a Notice of Motion forward to look at a four-way stop at the corner of Centre Street and Walnut in Harrow. This will be discussed at the next meeting.


Notice of Motion for integrity

Councillor Randy Voakes said he wanted to put a Notice of Motion forward regarding the integrity of attendees and on how they conduct themselves while in the Council Chambers during, before, and after a meeting. He wants to speak about this at the next meeting.

CAO Donna Hunter said she told Voakes could add this as a new business item, which means it has to be added at the beginning of the meeting.