Howling at the Moon – Rough waters

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by Sylene Argent

I doubt many people enjoy enduring rocky moments in their lives. I suspect most individuals have enough on their plates that it is quite the nuisance when we enter the dreaded, proverbial choppy waters.

I have always believed that true colours, that true character of an individual, comes about under duress. Our veil of control over the version of ourself we present to the world begins to thin when we become stressed because of external happenings that prevent us from getting to that desired target.

Those struggles also help us to strengthen our character, and when we are faced with the same situation again, we may approach it with a little more wisdom in exchange for the uncertainty we once had.

For instance, and I laugh at this situation now, but a few years ago, I had parked my old car in a local parking lot. My keyless entry would not work all of a sudden. It was a holiday weekend and the town was packed. I walked to a local store, purchased a battery, but had either bought the wrong type or it still wouldn’t work. So, I had to walk back. My efforts again failed.

Ugh! So, I called for reinforcements. I had a relative drop off my other keyless entry set so I could get into my car because I knew if I used the key it would sound the alarm. And, my older car had a sequence you had to do before the alarm would stop that horrid chirping. Again, the town was busy with a lot of foot traffic.

That keyless entry did not work either.

So, in a crowded parking lot, I had to manually open the door. The alarm was crying for quite some time, drawing attention my way, and in the process of me trying to remember how to make it stop, I had a bit of a fit. I was frustrated. What should have been an easy task was turning into an ordeal.

Once I got the alarm to stop chirping, loudly, I began to calm. I could feel my now redden face cool to its original fleshy colour.

And then I was upset at myself for getting upset.

Looking back, I laugh. Because it is funny. Something like that has happened to everyone. It’s not a huge ordeal in the grand scheme of life. But, it was certainly a frustrating inconvenience.

What I learned there is that I can work through a situation without getting angry. Getting upset doesn’t help you get from point A to point B; it just shows those around you that you are not happy with the situation.

Nearly very choppy water scenario through which we navigate not only brings us wisdom if we allow them to teach us, they also help us grow into stronger, wiser individuals. And, when those waters get rough, sometimes we just need to take a moment to remind ourselves that we may likely one day look back at that very moment and laugh, no matter how frustrating that moment may be in the present.