Ron Rogers victorious in Ward 3 by-election

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by Adam Gault

Candidate Ron Rogers handily won the Ward 3 by-election this past Monday, receiving more than double the votes of his nearest competitor.

The breakdown of Monday’s by-election unofficial results had Ron Rogers with 555 votes, Rodney Hammond with 250 votes, Mike Jenner with 237 votes, and Richard Kokovai with 25 votes.

Rogers explained he was ready to get down to the business at hand, and hoped he could use his mediation ability as a unifier when he joins Council in the coming weeks.

“I’ve gotten along well with all of them in the past and we can do that again. Maybe we can calm the storm that seems to be brewing all the time down a bit,” Rogers said. “I like to think that I’m a little bit of a diplomat, so I’m going to try to smooth things over as much as I can.”

Rogers had previously held a seat on Essex Council, most recently between 2006-2010.

Going forward, Rogers said he will continue to make smart decisions for the community that will continue to take Essex in the right direction.

“Hold our taxes down to something that’s livable. Hopefully with the rest of Council, we’ll start focusing on our basic infrastructure again, our roads, our drains, our street lighting. That’s what makes a good, livable community.”

Rogers said that he knows with a one-year mandate, “Much of the roadmap has already been laid out,” adding that the current Council has accomplished much for Ward 3, as well as the greater town-at-large.

Although tight-lipped about any specific future political ambitions, Rogers said there was a good chance he would be on the ballot again in 2018, adding that this by-election would not have been his last shot at being involved regardless of outcome.

The by-election was called as the result of previous Ward 3 Councillor Bill Caixeiro resigning his position in July of 2017.

Less than a quarter of the eligible 4800 Ward 3 voters participated in Monday night’s election, keeping with the historical trend of low voter turnout for municipal by-elections.

Ron Rogers is expected to be sworn in and assume duty during the regular Council meeting scheduled for November 6. He will hold the position until fall of 2018 when the regular election will take place.