Canada 150 Finale Celebration held in Lakeshore

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by Adam Gault

The Town of Lakeshore held a Canada 150 Finale Celebration this past Friday afternoon at the Atlas Tube Centre, which featured light refreshments and big-band style performance from the Nil-A-Nova Band.

Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain spoke at the event, highlighting changes and improvements in the town over the last year, as well as what’s in store for 2018.

“We are so proud of what we’re doing, and we base that on teamwork,” Mayor Bain explained during his opening address. “We have really taken a theme in Lakeshore as a team, and that includes not only Council, not only administration, but everyone.”

Mayor Bain added that Lakeshore has been a leader in growth and residential development in Ontario during the last eight years.

“One of the reasons, of course, is our taxes. We have the lowest taxes in all of Essex County,” Bain said. “We take a lot of pride in being able to put the services out there, but keep the taxes reasonable.”

Through a $44,000 Ontario 150 capital grant, Lakeshore was able to install automatic door looks on all municipal park bathroom doors. This will allow the town to keep the facilities open longer throughout the day and the year, as a staff member will no longer have to physically open each bathroom by driving across the town.

Lakeview Park West Beach on Lake St. Clair received an addition of accessibility mats this year, allowing easier access for individuals with mobility issues.

The Mayor also spoke of the addition of the Parks Master Plan, which was adopted by Lakeshore Council to classify parks into five categories including; regional park, community park, neighbourhood park, parkette, and trails.

“We’re hearing people say they want to walk, they want to bike, and we’re responding,” Mayor Bain explained.

“We keep it all in close proximity to the old wallet, so that we try to keep the taxes down and do what we can.”
Bain finished by taking questions from the audience, and alluded that although he would probably seek re-election for the position of Mayor, this would most likely be his last term as Warden of the County of Essex.

“My wife has been on me saying, ‘You’ve got 40 years in the business’. So, we squared off on a compromise. I promised her I would not run for Warden again,” Bain said. “That’s seven days a week I’m gone (from my wife).”
Guests of 150 Finale also brought small tokens of remembrance that will be sealed in a 25-year time capsule during a special ceremony at the Atlas Tube Centre on December 31.