Town to discuss revisions to General Zoning By-Law 1037

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by Adam Gault

The Town of Essex is holding a public meeting at 4:30 p.m. on Monday, November 20 at the Essex Civic Centre to discuss proposed changes to the Town’s General Zoning By-Law 1037 Plan.

These potential revisions will focus on five parcels in Essex Centre being considered for re-zoning from Agriculture and Restricted Commercial to General and Light Industrial.

Of the five parcels considered for redevelopment, two are located on the south side of Concession 8, west of Highway 3, and three are located parallel to Highway 3 on South Talbot Road, south of Maidstone Avenue.

In July 2017, the OPA 6 (Official Plan Amendment) was approved by Bill King, the Manager of Planning Services for the County of Essex. The approval of this amendment added new policies and guidelines to the Town’s Official Plan.

With the approval of OPA 6, the Town has adopted mandates related to public health and safety, storm water management, and other land issues not related to the natural environment.

Part of the changes implemented by this amendment include the re-designation of the lands as noted above.

It is hoped that with the development of these areas from agriculture to light industrial, the issue of Essex Centre’s lack of industrial employment lands and opportunities for diversified job creation can be addressed.

Additionally, proposed revisions to the specific definitions of “attached” and “detached” in regards to buildings on a single property are to be discussed.

The definition “attached” will refer to a building or structure that depends on support from a common wall or a wall supporting an adjacent building. Any two buildings located on the same lot within 1.8 metres of each other are deemed to be attached.

The definition “detached” will refer to a building that is not dependent on another for structural support and has a space greater than 1.8 metres between it and a neighbouring structure.

Additional changes proposed include provisions related for the use of shipping containers for permanent storage, recognize dwellings on unassumed roads in new subdivisions, and more consistent lot area provisions for rural dwellings on septic systems, including dwellings using a tertiary treatment septic system.

This meeting will allow the Town to present this proposal, as well as for constituents to ask questions and share their views on the revisions.

A full report on the proposed revisions can be found online at