Howling at the Moon – Doing things you shouldn’t be

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by Sylene Argent

We all have those bad habits we divert to when feeling down or devious, or if we want to flare up some drama in our lives.

I am not much for drama, but I do have some annoying habits I catch myself doing sometimes.

For those of us who enjoy our sweets, boy, the holidays can be tough. Who doesn’t want to endulge on all those baked goods and candies offered at every visit.

I guess that is why New Year’s resolutions often include dropping ten or 15 pounds.

I always found New Year’s resolutions to be fairly ineffective. If we are ready for a positive change today, why wait? By doing so, we are just giving ourselves more time to foster and nurture that bad habit with a likely ‘false promise’ to ourselves that we will change once this distant date arrives. Until then, we can continue guilt-free.

Kick that bad habit to the curb if you want to change.

Sometimes, the easiest way to make a big change is by making small steps towards it. Every week, for instance, one could add a small, good habit or take away another little bad one to work towards a bigger goal.

If you screw up mid-week, don’t wait until the following Monday to get back on track, do so the next day.

Well, these are things I try to do when attempting to get rid of my own vices. It can work, or tomorrow may never come. I guess that depends on a lot of factors, like just how busy we are and if we truly are ready to make a change. Sometimes the comfort our vices bring us outweighs the benefits we so badly want to gain. And then, at that point, we need to analyse why that is, and then, after an epiphany, we could begin to understand our own unique behaviour.

Perhaps our bad habits are not as bad as we make them out to be. I know, for instance, I am my own worst critic. So, when I get down on myself, I try to remind myself that not everyone is being as critical as I am being in that moment. And really, that is unfair of ourselves to do. If we are not in our own corner, who else can be? We can rely on close-family and friends to help us out of ruts, and it is sometimes awesome to hear words of encouragement or having our self-criticisms demolished, but that can only take us so far until we are ready to accept that possibly things aren’t as bad as we think they are.

The best gift we can give ourselves is some TLC, and really, one of the best places to start that is to give ourselves a break from trying to achieve something that does not exist; perfection. In stead of beating ourselves up over a flaw or mistake, put something tangible into action to make the improvement and enjoy it.

We can only be ourselves, and thank goodness for that. It would be an awfully boring world if we were all the same.