Ste-Ursule students host Tech-Noel program

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Students and staff at École Ste-Ursule, a French school in McGregor, proudly hosted their special Tech-Noel project before parting for the Christmas break.

For the Tech-Noel program, students and teachers integrated technologies into their learning and teaching, and further invited parents into the school to see the projects created that promoted 21st century technology.

Students are always engaged in their learning and in many of the projects created at École Ste-Ursule. To hold information-age jobs, students need to be able to problem-solve creatively, collaborate and work in groups, and, of course, use new technologies.

Since the event took place around the holiday season, the activities revolved around the theme of Christmas, while still incorporating 21st century skills, such as collaboration, thinking-outside-the-box, creativity, use of technology, as well as curriculum expectations, especially in math and literacy.

As part of the event, the JK and SK students built their own mangers and took turns dressing up as Mary and Joseph for a photo. They also sat in the creche with Jesus. In another JK and SK class, students prepared a creche. They also drew out a map and programmed a Blue Bot to travel along the different destinations drawn on the cardboard to eventually get to Jesus.

The grade two students used a design program to create a Lego Christmas image. It will be constructed in the school’s innovation center. The grade three students programmed their Sphero robots, with a Gingerbread man, to find the gingerbread house having the same non-numeric patterning. The grade four students programmed Ozobots and integrated probability (math) into the project by counting how many times the Ozobot would go to a certain person on their Christmas picture.

The grade five students used a programme called “Scratch” and integrated science. When contact was made on the metal of the electric circuits they created with technology, sounds could be heard from the computer that corresponded to the image. The grade six class wrote Christmas stories with specific elements where the Ozobot would stop, change colors, turn in a circle if there was a storm going on in the  story, and continue on a path to the end.

The grade seven students hosted a Christmas Maze with the Ozobots, and the grade eight students created the Grinch’s machine with Mindstorm technology.