Hackforge offers technology training to small businesses

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by Adam Gault

A Windsor based, non-profit technology initiative, Hackforge, launched a new IT training program on Thursday February 1, aimed at offering a variety of tech workshops to small businesses in Windsor-Essex.

Hackforge’s “TechBoost” program will offer a series of 10 workshops throughout Windsor-Essex over the course of 2018. The workshops will give small business owners and their employees the opportunity to further their knowledge of current software and tech systems, but to also stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the newest business software, products, and technology.

“We’re trying to boost technology in Windsor-Essex, by letting small businesses who don’t normally use technology, or are afraid of it, to get a little more familiar and incorporate it more into their everyday,” Katie Facecchia said, who is the Board President of Hackforge.

The workshops will help educate small businesses on the wide-variety of online business technology software and applications available to assist in business management and commerce, including how to select tools and products for small businesses, creating and maintaining a Google Business listing, managing social media, online security, web design, and online accounting, among the many other facets of the online operations in 2018.

“We want (small businesses) to be part of the tech community, not be afraid of technology, and hopefully it will make them more competitive, become more efficient, and make them more globally competitive as well in a technology advancing world,” Facecchia said.

A donation through the Libro Credit Union’s annual Prosperity Fund helped launch the “TechBoost” program. Receiving $30,850 to put toward growing the region’s tech capabilities, Hackforge designed the program they hope will spur economic development by creating connections and learning together.

“(The workshops) are going to be customized depending on the clients. We’ve had quite a few people come to us to say, ‘we need to build a website’,” Facecchia said.

“Sometimes they think they need to do it from scratch, so this will be a way to educate them, to say no, there’s things that you can do, or there are people here [who] can help.”

Facecchia explained that although the schedule has not yet been finalized, the program would make a stop in Essex in order to expose their informative program to a wider audience.

“We realize there’s a lot of businesses out there that maybe don’t have the services that they can get (in Windsor), so we’re going to bring it to them.” Facecchia said. “We’re coming to them to hopefully give them the skills to succeed.”

Full registration, dates, and program details can be found at hackf.org