Howling at the Moon – Singing the winter blues

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Comment by Sylene Argent

It is easy to get swept away in the alluring mantra of the winter blues, especially since we have had to experience so much time indoors this year due to the cold temperatures we have endured. With the lack of Vitamin D getting absorbed due to the weather, I’m sure many feel they are in that seasonal slump.

There are things we can do to try and snap out of that funk, like arranging to spend time with friends and family, but sometimes it is easier to sit at home and relax, reveling in the complacent mood of the season, than it is to push through that greyness to do something fun and exciting.

I remember getting ‘cabin fever’ when I was a kid, when I couldn’t get outdoors as much as I needed. But as an adult, I tend to not get restless, I can get content with doing nothing more than what I need to.

I was shoveling the driveway recently, after that big Friday snowfall, when I noticed how great the snow was. Not that I was happy it had snowed that much, because there was a tonne of snow to remove from the driveway and it makes driving dangerous, but I noticed the snow would have been great to play with.

It took me back to the days when my family would head up to my grandfather’s cottage on Lake Huron, near Wiarton. We would go up there any opportunity we had, including long weekends during the winter. We’d go skiing or tobogganing, or just enjoy the scenery around the cottage, which was bordered by a forest.

One trip up at the cottage, there was a tonne of snow. On a mild and calm night, my mom, brother, and I took advantage of the opportunity to build a snow fort, using a simple overhead spotlight and the moon for lighting.
While I was shoveling that snow that had accumulated in my driveway, I had the urge to build a snow fort, thinking about that favoured childhood memory. I didn’t end up doing that, but I did want to.

Another winter, my neighbours at the time were outside building a snowman. My brother and I had jumped at the opportunity to help out. It ended up being gigantic, and was the talk of the school the following Monday when buses, loaded with our school peers, drove past.

When I was a bit older, as part of I think the Pathfinders, I camped out for the night one winter. It was a super cold evening, and out of all the girls who took part in the camp, only myself and one other girl made it through the night in our tent, bundled up as best as we could. Of course, we were prepared, having learned how to keep ourselves warm with the guidance of our leaders.

I remember waking up several times throughout the night, with the cold seeping into my sleeping bag every time I had moved and the wind making the sides of the tent flap, with the urge of wanting to get up and go indoors to spend the remainder of the evening. But, I refused, because, I was stubborn, I mean determined.

Soon, we will be complaining about the heat, so although I am ready to trade my boots for sandals, I will try to enjoy the remainder of the winter as best I can.