Gosfield North celebrates winter and French culture

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by Sylene Argent

Though individuals may be eager to welcome warmer weather as this cool winter trend continues, the students and staff members at Gosfield North Public School took the time to celebrate this season and French culture on  Tuesday with the annual Bonhomme de Neige Carnaval celebration.

Gosfield North Public School’s French Department uses the Bonhomme de Neige Carnaval as a way to connect the French curriculum with French culture, which makes for an enjoyable learning opportunity for the students.

The entire student body celebrates winter though the school program, in a similar way it is celebrated at the Quebec Winter Carnival, which is a French-Canadian cultural festivity.

The first large-scale winter carnival, in Quebec City, took place in 1894 to help those enduring the harsh winter with festivities to warm their hearts during the season. In 1954 the Carnival was aimed to further the region’s economic development. The first edition of the modern Quebec Winter Carnival, with its representative Bonhomme, took place in 1955.

In the style of the Carnival, the students enjoyed an array of activities, including a ball tossing game using feet, a cup balancing game, and a beanbag toss. Other activities offered challenging obstacles for the students to complete.

The students were also treated to hot chocolate and donuts in the French Café, which is always a popular spot for the young participants.