Harrow Rotary provides donation to Essex Fire

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by Adam Gault

The Harrow Rotary Club presented Essex Fire & Rescue Services with a cheque for $11,528.11 during a dinner meeting on Tuesday, February 27. The funds will be put towards the purchase of a fire extinguisher training system.

This new piece of equipment for Essex Fire will not just be used for training of proper and safe use of fire extinguishers for the fire department, but also the general public.

The system will feature a remote fire starter, and will allow trainees to extinguish a real fire with a safe, and reusable, training device. Businesses that require employees to undergo fire extinguisher training annually, such as at the harbour, nursing homes, and factories, will be able to take advantage of the device for a nominal fee of $150 per use.

“When we do come in, we’ll bring a quiz, go through a training exercise, talk about fire extinguishers, what they do, and how to safely use them,” Essex Fire Chief Rick Arnel explained of the training exercise Essex Fire & Rescue will soon offer.

Prior to the purchase of the training system for the Town, the service was contracted out to a third party.

“This will be in house training for the community,” Arnel said. “We’re going to have each station trained in doing it. It’s a really safe way to provide training with this.”

Over the past year, Harrow Rotary has worked with Essex Fire to raise funds for the new training system, through events like the Halloween Fright Night at the Harrow Old Mill and the Rubber Ducky Derby at Colchester Beach.

“I’m just so excited that we’ve been able to accomplish this,” Rotary Club Membership Chairperson, Corrie Bramhall, said. “I’m very excited for (Essex Fire) to be teaching people how to properly use fire extinguishers, because there is a lot that many people don’t know.”

The training system is expected to be put into service in early April.